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Welcome to Beauté Avenux

Where Healthy Hair Begins


Beauté Avenux is a private hair studio that offers a plethora of services while creating a personalized and relaxing experience for all guest. Services provided are tailored to the maintenance and growth of natural hair, including our extension services. Every extension service starts by focusing on the maintenance of your natural hair. Our extension services aim to give you the most natural looking install, we want you to feel like the hair is growing directly from your scalp.. Our luxury extension services includes hair from our Raw Hair collection, which is 100% Real Authentic Raw Hair. Extension services include: Microlinks, Tape-Ins, Clip-Ins & Sew-ins.

Here at Beauté Avenux we believe in creating the best experience possible. We offer mini consultations for all new guest during their initial visit, hair/scalp treatments, steam treatments, scalp massages and more. We also offer a variety of high quality products tailored to the growth and maintenance of natural hair in or out of the studio. Those products include but are not limited to shampoo, conditioner, growth oil, & treatments.


Beauté Avenux, Hair, Products & Services, Milwaukee, WI
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