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Welcome to Beauté Avenux

Where Healthy Hair Begins


Welcome to Beauté Avenux: A Private Hair Studio based out of Milwaukee, WI.

Beauté Avenux is a private hair studio located in Menomonee Falls that specializes in natural hair care, prioritizing overall hair health. Our services are tailored to meet your specific hair care needs and goals, including hair and scalp treatments, steam treatments, scalp massages, as well as professional color and extension services. Our approach is unique in that we always prioritize your natural hair first.

At Beauté Avenux, we believe in creating a personalized and relaxing experience for all our guests. We consider our guest's visit a form of self-care that goes beyond just hair. Our studio provides a calm and soothing atmosphere with dimmed lighting at the shampoo bowl & during steaming sessions, soft and relaxing music, complimentary beverages and snacks, and a calming aroma. Come experience the best in natural hair care while enjoying a peaceful and rejuvenating environment.


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